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About the artist:

The Chinese knots ran into the artists life like it’s through god’s guidance. And from then on, the knots’ charm attracts her embarked on the road of inheriting its (hand-made) skills, culture and its exceeding beauty.

There is a peaceful world the Chinese knots brought to her and she has no doubt that hand-made stuffs are able to heal people both physically and mentally, as long as you stay focused.

And for the same reason, the knots art changed her life in a good way. Constantly, she makes friends with those who loves the knots, she shares information together, explore the possibilities of making more exquisite and remarkable Chinese knots work. Our recent topic is about to let the splendid art becoming part of daily life of the general public.

This special skill originating from the primary stage of civilization when people even had no letters. Our forefathers took knots for recording notes, and it was in the great days from Tang to Song dynasty. The Chinese knots are now more widely used in everyday lives for its good meaning and elegant frame.